Lottie Doll Pony Club Doll and Pony
Lottie Doll Pony Club Doll and Pony Lottie Doll Pony Club in Box Lottie Doll Pony Club Back of Box

Lottie Dolls are an award winning range of dolls and accessories based on 9 year old real children.

Lottie has a child-like body. She does not wear makeup, nor does she sport tattoos, jewellery or high heels. She loves to dress up in pretty clothes but is equally happy to be active, outdoors and getting muddy.

To date Lottie Dolls have won 35+ International awards for their vision to inspire children to be themselves and their core principles relating to the issue of body image and a positive take on childhood.

Lottie's clothes have simple velcro fastenings which make her easy to dress and she has high-quality hair that doesn’t tangle easily.

Lottie doll comes with riding jodphurs, tweed-style formal riding jacket, shirt and tie, boots and riding helmet

Seren the Welsh Mountain Pony wears a saddle, bridle, stirrups and numnah (a saddle pad that acts as a protective cushion between the pony and the saddle)

The clothes and accessories are detailed and lifelike.

measurements  h.18cm

perfect for age 3+

What our toy tester says…

So pleased that we now have a range of dolls that have been created to defy gender stereotypes and encourage youngsters to be adventurous, inquisitive and sporty.