Speed Cups
Speed Cups Speed Cups

Challenge yourself with these stacking cups and improve your co-ordination! 

A sport that has caught the imagination of skill toy enthusiasts for more than 30 years.

A set of 12 UFO cups come in a variety of different colours with fun designs and are slightly smaller than a traditional set of speed stacking cups, these are perfect for the stacker on the move.

This set is also provided with a neat stacking rod to easily collect, store and transport your speed cups. All stacking cups are machined with holes for a quick breakdown action and textured for perfect grip.

Measurements w.700 x h.900 x d.500mm

Suitable for age 8+

What our toy tester says…

I remember one of my nephews having these one Christmas and there was a constant queue to play with them, they really are addictive!