Kinetic Sand - Toys will be Toys
Kinetic Sand - Toys will be Toys Kinetic Sand - Toys will be Toys
I don't think the Kinetic Sand will ever go out of fashion, adults love its mesmerising properties as much as children!

There are so many types of Kinetic Sand available so we tested every one of them at the Toy Fair at Olympia and this one is our favourite. 
It actually looks like sand and the feel of it is natural, plus it's addictive to watch it falling in slow motion as though it is alive and breathing!

Kinetic sand may look like just common beach sand, but dig in and you'll discover an addictive, 3D building/sculpting experience!

Working Kinetic Sand with your palms and fingertips is a relaxing and stress relieving experience for all ages. 
The futuristic nature of the sand is tactile and soft, great for developing fine motor skills, yet it can hold the shape of simple sand sculptures.

A secret binding agent keeps the granules together. Sand that moulds easily for mess free indoor play and is mesmeric to watch as it falls in slow motion. Bring the fun of the beach inside. Made in Sweden.

measurements w.880 x h.1870 x d.60mm  1kg of Kinetic Sand.

Perfect for age 3+

What our toy tester says…

One of our best selling gifts. No one can resist this and it never dries out. You can even freeze it to kill germs and it returns to normal!

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