Spinning Top
Spinning Top Spinning Top Spinning Top Spinning Top

Perform amazingly cool tricks with this smart little spinning top!

The Saturno Xtreme is the entry-level spinning top from the team at Trompos Space.

Manufactured in Spain to high standards, this acrobatic spinning top is developed from a super-strong plastic designed to withstand everyday use on any surface.

A sleek, professional design built for impact and modern trick play. The Xtreme is mounted with a Roller tip for advanced, prolonged trick sequences and technical string play.

Supplied with launching ring and string - ready to play within seconds!

Measurements w.600 x h.900 x d.600mm

Suitable for age 8+

What our toy tester says…

I'm still trying to master my Henry's yo yo but as soon as I do this will be my next challenge! This is a great gift for an older child or adult.