Should toys be gender neutral?

Do you think that there should be “boys’ toys” and “girls’ toys”?
Or should toys be gender neutral? 
It has been found that the two categories tend to teach very different things and encourage children to play in different ways.

Of course, it’s useful that dolls teach girls how to be more compassionate and that construction toys can give boys a head start on engineering skills. But, what if you want to teach your little girl about engineering, or if you want your little boy to learn how to be more compassionate?.......

Another train of thought is that girls naturally want the pink, pretty toys and the boys want toys that provide action and it isn't useful to push children in a direction other than where their natural inclinations take them.

At Toys will be Toys, we do sell toys on the extreme ends of the spectrum, dolls in pink dresses to scary dinosaurs but our focus is on providing a wide variety of toys that boys and girls can learn from and enjoy equally.

What happens though when maybe it’s the parents who are the ones creating that discrepancy between boy play and girl play without even realising they’re doing it?

Watch this surprising video clip from BBC Two. Do you think you would act the same way as these adults if you were put in the same situation?.......


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