How toys will be toys started

toys will be toys is a natural progression from a traditional toy shop that I owned for 12 years to a crisply designed website that is easy on the eye and simple to navigate through.



My lovely city centre toy shop had 2 floors of every toy imaginable and it was great fun. However trends change and it has become so convenient to shop online that I decided this was the way forward and I would still be able to pass on my extensive knowledge of toys to customers. My aim is to keep the personal service we offered in our shop and add the ease of choosing that perfect toy online.

Some images from my shop


You can message me, the Toy Expert, through the contact page and can even use the good old fashioned method of talking if you would like any advice or help.

I also have a group of young toy testers of various ages who are very happy to check out new toys, share them with friends and then give a very honest opinion!


Now I can bring the same values of great toys and great customer service to toys will be toys.

The only difference is that I will be able to offer better value for money! 


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