Throw a pot at someone this Easter!

For most of us Easter generally includes chocolate and cuddly bunnies.

In other parts of the world Easter is celebrated quite differently! Here are a few fun examples.....

  • We know the Greeks like to smash the odd plate, but in Corfu the traditional Pot Throwing takes place to celebrate Easter. People throw pots out of their windows, smashing them on the streets below. They believe the tradition is to welcome spring as a symbol that crops that will be gathered in new pots.
  • If you like flying kites, then Bermuda is the best place to be during Easter weekend with some of the most beautiful kites you’ve ever seen! Evidently the tradition started when a local teacher used a kite to explain Christ’s Ascension to Heaven to his Sunday school class.
    • In Poland there is a tradition of boys trying to soak people with buckets of water or squirt guns! The tradition started to celebrate the baptism of a Polish Prince on Easter Monday in 966 AD. Legend has it, any girls who get soaked are sure to be married within the year!
    • In Norway it’s popular to go up to the mountains and stay in a cabin. The myth is that the tradition was to chase away the last traces of the winter’s snow. Sounds lovely!
    • In Sweden they have an Easter tradition that is similar to our Halloween, the children get to dress up as Easter witches and go from house to house in the neighbourhood and present the occupants with paintings and drawings in the hope of getting sweets in return.

    They all sound like fun but I think I will stick to chocolate and bunnies!


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