The toy that children and adults can't resist!

There are so many types of Kinetic Sand available so we tested every one of them at the Toy Fair at Olympia and this one is our favourite.
It may not be glittery or coloured - it actually looks like sand, but the feel of it is natural and it's addictive to watch it falling in slow motion as though it is alive and breathing!

One of our lovely toy testers has been having a play with it over the Summer and this is what she had to say.

Elodie’s Review

I was very excited to open the Kinetic sand and couldn’t wait to see what if felt like!The packaging is good because it doesn’t come in a bigger box than the product, so not using so much cardboard. I really like the eye-catching logo.

When I first felt the sand - it was amazing! The sand actually moves on it’s own, as if it were alive! After enjoying the texture and the feeling of how it had a life of it’s own, I began to make things with it using some tools I had from play dough. I made some cakes and sweets and cut different shapes. I also made a little cave with a door.

The sand says from age 3+ but my mummy said she really liked playing with it too, so I think it could be for any age.
My sister and I have both have a lot of fun with the Kinetic sand and I’d really like to try the glow in the dark sand too! We keep it in a tupperware box and use the lid to scrape the sand back in ready for another day – so it’s really easy to clean up.
I would recommend this product to anybody who likes to make things, who likes building things in sand and using play dough.
Elodie Wright  Age 8


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