The Summer party season is here!

So many children's birthday parties in the summer!
So hard to come up with ideas that are just right.

Any successful party gift needs to tick all the boxes - the recipient hasn't already got it, parents like it, it's reasonably priced and your child is excited to give it.

Many customers in my shop often had the same dilemma and with ever busy lives often presents were needed in a hurry! I really enjoyed showing them gifts that would solve all of their problems, so here are some of my favourites.


Fold my Camper Van - £4.95 - a lovely little craft set

Jellycat Farm Tails Boing Ball - £8.95 - a perfect baby gift

V-Cube 2 x 2 - £7.95 - sure to please older children

Nanoblock Dodo - £7.50 - a good challenge for 8 years and up

Glove Puppet, Five Speckled Frogs - £6.95 - really engaging for a 2 year old

 Flip Flap Pets Book - £5.95 - a book to share and create

Dinosaur Torch and Projector - £5.95 - ever popular and a great price for a party


Many more great ideas on our website and remember we can gift wrap for you and we have a great range of birthday cards that we are happy to hand write.

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