My child's bed is awash with soft toys!

We all know that children love plush toys and can never seem to have too many.
If you are feeling you may have over indulged in fluff take comfort from this article 
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The article starts by saying that plush toys can have unique advantages over other toys because they can help children explore their feelings more easily.
The simple reason for this is that
 they know that these toys represents a living thing which they can relate to.

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It then goes on to list some of the advantages of soft toys.

- They can help little ones make that first step into independence. 
The world can seem overwhelming without their parents next to them at all times. A plush friend can feel like they a protector who is always with them, giving them the confidence to explore the world on their own more.

- They can help children understand their more complex emotions.
Role-playing gives them a way to communicate their own experiences in a playful, non-threatening manner rather than bottling up emotions that are too difficult to understand. Youngsters can use their plush toys to act out situations in a way that makes sense to them.

- They can help with language and speaking skills. 
As children talk to their stuffed animals and other soft friends, they’re also listening to the sound of their own voice, working out on their own how best to say what they want to say, and practicing their pronunciation skills. The more practice children get the better at communicating they’ll become.

- They can help children get along better with others.
Social rules can be some of the most difficult lessons to learn but with plush friends children can practice navigating these obstacles safely by acting out scenarios and experimenting with the different possibilities.

- They  can help children gain a sense of control over their world.
Life outside of the home can seem big and scary, however, when children take on the role of parent to their plush friends, suddenly part of that world becomes perfectly manageable, understandable, and safe.

All of these benefits are great, but the biggest advantage that soft toys have over any others is that they teach children how to cuddle, hug, and be more nurturing and loving. After all, it’s one thing to gain the skills and confidence you need to navigate the world, it’s a whole other thing to be able to navigate that world with a sense of compassion and caring. I think that’s exactly what plush toys help kids learn how to do.
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