Knitting is in again!

 Knitting has become popular again recently,
and this is why it's good for children.


Fuzzy wuzzy knitting kit


    • Knitting works both sides of the brain - logic and creativity 
    • It improves fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
    • Definitely encourages focus and creativity
    • Helps teach children patience and how to work through challenges and problems
    • It is a meditative action and so reduces stress and anxiety
    • Promotes a sense of pride and achievement               

Here is a knitting rhyme to start children off 

In through the front door...
Insert the right needle through the first loop knot on the left needle.
Run around back...
Wrap the yarn between the two needles by running it around the back.
Out through the window...
Pull the loop and right hand needle down through the loop on the left hand needle.
And off jumps Jack. 
Transfer the loop from the left needle to the right needle and you've made a stitch!

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