Keeping your teenagers away from screens and happy!

Screen free activities for teenagers wasn’t even a topic of discussion when I was young.

We didn’t have mobile phones, there was no email and no social media - just hours of freedom to enjoy exploring our interests while developing real-life skills for adult life.

Today’s technology holds some amazing opportunities, but, call me old fashioned, I think our teens are sometimes better served if they spend a little more time off screen. Coding is a great skill and online games are terrific for coordination, but you really can't beat actually talking to friends face to face and doing something fun that maybe involves cooperation, team building and sharing. These are great life skills that we all need.

For many children, electronic devices will always top the gift wish-list while some parents say their children no longer seem to be interested in anything but screens and that they tend to make family members isolated and distracted.

So lets hear it for meeting up with friends and family and maybe engaging in some good old fashioned fun!


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