Get the most out of bath time!

For children the bath is so much more than just a place to get cleaned up and more like a bottomless well full of playtime and learning potential.

With each of the toys in the hand-picked list below, children will discover all kinds of wonderful ways to inspire their imaginations and strengthen their brains through play. Help your child get the most out of his or her bath time!

Dirty Dogs - These soft and squishy dogs need a bath! They have magic ink dirt that disappears in warm bath water and reappears when they dry, perfect for encouraging regular bath times. Excellent quality squirters and a cloth to clean your pups.
dirty dogs bath toy

Boats in the Tub - Ahoy! Sail through bath time with these cute little soft vinyl boats. Line up the tugboat, fishing boat and speedboat and link them together with their concealed magnetic connectors.
boats in the tub
Crocodile and Lobster Wind Up Toys - Just wind them up and let them go! These brightly coloured creatures swim in the tub and are good for improving manual dexterity. Great fun too!
Lobster in the tub
Croc in the tub


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