Develop your child's mind with books

A child's early years are more important than any other

This is when they learn the most about the world around them. Good quality books encourage learning, and introducing them from an early age helps to develop an enquiring mind and a lifelong love of reading.

This is an interesting page on the subject from BBC iwonder

This year World Book Day is on 1st March and their website is full of activities, competitions, resources and ideas for great reading!

Our lovely range of early years books is designed specially for babies and young children. They stimulate through lively narrative, repetition of language and bright illustrations. Importantly they are sturdy and tactile.

Here are some of our favourites for very small people.
123 Walk in the Countryside Board Book123 Walk in the Countryside Board Book
Little Musical Wonders Book - MozartThe Velveteen Rabbit book
Flip Flap Pets BookWhen I am Big Jellycat book
As children get older, activity and picture books stimulate imagination and encourage reading in conjunction with creative play. I have always found that any book that includes stickers is an instant success and these books are so packed with fun facts and information that your child just can't help learning as they play.

How Cities Work BookMonster cars book

Klutz Lego Crazy Action Contraptions Book KitAdventures in Famous Places Activity Book

Ancient Egyptian Design Colouring BookAdventures Around the Globe Activity Book

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