Books showing life through a child's eyes

 Years ago the actress Nanette Newman published a series of wonderful books about the funny, clever and sometimes sad things that children say.

My lovely Mum had the whole collection and used to read them all the time to her 9 grandchildren and when she died each of them kept a book to remind them of life as it is though a child's eyes as they grew up.

Nanette Newman Books

If you are looking for a book to share with your child this year for World Book Day I can't think of anything that will have such lasting appeal for all ages.

We never grew tired of reading those books and this year I have bought copies of them all to share some of the hilarious quotes and drawings.

As my regular readers will know, I owned a lovely traditional toy shop for 12 years in the centre of Cambridge and some of the things I heard children say there were just as funny. 

I now plan to publish a quote of the week every Friday on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to get your weekend off to a good start. Some may be curtesy of Nanette Newman's books, and I hope she won't mind, others will be ones I have collected myself. At the bottom of this blog is a section for you to leave your own contributions which I would also be happy to publish.

Here is the first which is the introduction quote from Nanette Newman herself.

Loving is the first thing children learn -

I wish life would teach them never to forget it.

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