A very cool present!

The world of trick cubes has come a long way in the last few years and we are proud to be showcasing this fantastic range.

V-CUBE produce the most beautiful and smooth cube toy and are now considered the only choice for enthusiasts.

It's time to get excited about puzzles all over again!

V-Cube 2 x 2
Arguably the easiest to solve in the V-Cube range, but will still take plenty of practice and skill to solve successfully.

V Cube 2V-Cube 3 x 3
In this classic design, edges and corners have been rounded to make a more ergonomically satisfying toy. Rotations are quick and smooth and the performance unbeatable.


V Cube 3 x 3
V-Cube 4 x 4
The V-Cube ups the ante with their 4 x 4 Pillow Cub - perfect for competition or improving on personal bests.


If you need a present for someone very cool then this is it! 

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